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About Us

Our History

One of the oldest jewelry stores in Jerusalem, Baltinester Jewelry has been around almost as long as the State of Israel. From our store on 31 Jaffa Road, we’ve been serving customers since 1949.

In 1995, Yoram and Rami took over the store, revamping it with broad visions and new expertise. All of our handmade quality jewelry is now available online with worldwide shipping so that you can enjoy Israeli-made jewels wherever you are!

store front of Baltinester Jewelry
Baltinester Jewelry Established 1949

Our Products

Jewish jewelry is what Baltinester is all about.

Our selection of handmade Israeli jewelry is a mix of contemporary and classic, offering our clients the latest creations from leading Israeli artists.

Being that all of our products are handmade, no 2 items are ever 100% identical. However, they are all equally beautiful! Only certified 14k/18k gold and sterling silver is purchased, marked by The Standards Institute of Israel. The diamonds, as well, must adhere to the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme through the Israel Diamond Exchange.

What makes our products different is the quality of materials, specialty of design and quality of service which is next to none. This is why customers worldwide who crave original, high quality Jewish jewelry come to us.

We are Family

Some of our oldest customers still come in and say “I remember when your grandfather ran the store,” or “I came in here to buy my first name necklace, way back in the 70s.” Others come back to visit and bring in their grandchildren to buy them something special.

When you buy from Baltinester Jewelry you become a part of our family!

Our Promise

When you purchase from us you are ensured to get the quality and excellence that Baltinester Jewelry stands for.

Our Hebrew collection is exquisite and originally designed, letting you be proud to wear our artist’s rings, necklaces and pendants knowing that you own a unique piece of  Jewish Heritage and the Holy City of Jerusalem.

We know how important it is to our customers to have the guarantee they are buying Israeli-made products and supporting the Land of Israel. For us, it is truly an honor to provide a platform for the gifted Israeli artists we work with.