Baltinester Jewelry & Judaica

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70 years of history

One of the oldest jewelry stores in Jerusalem, Baltinester has been around almost as long as the State of Israel.




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Design Your Own Piece of Jewelry or Judaica Item With us

We are here to share your vision.

Start your design with us by telling us about your idea



Explore the meaning behind our array of Jewish themed jewelry and Judaica. From Kabbalah to Jewish holidays, you’ll find it all here.


Hi, Shalom from the US.Received the rings today and they are terrific. My wife loves her ring and they both fit great.Many thanks to you and Rami for the great work.

Robert, USA

Our Clients Say

About Us
Remarkable and beyond reproach!!!

Your customer service and integrity is remarkable and beyond reproach. I am looking forward to showing my family and friends the Star of David and am convinced there is nothing on the market that can compare with its unique combination of contemporary styling and traditional beauty.

Mitchell, USA

This ring is really awesome. It really brings out the strength of the lion and of Jerusalem. The quality is excellent and the service was spectacualr. Thank you, Baltinester Jewelry, for a job well done!

Ben, USA
I love these cuff links!

The cufflinks arrived today and they are better than I could have imagined! I bought them as a gift for my husband, and we are both amazed at the craftsmanship and quality. The unique design really brings us back to Jerusalem where we yearn to be! Thanks for all your help!

Becca, USA
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